Sunday, June 29, 2008

VT - June!

So I’m back to making some meal plans again – thank goodness! I’ve been looking at some of the time-friendly recipes from issues of VT. I first tried some recipes from the June 2008 issue. I tried the Spring Orzo Salad and was totally delighted. It was easy! I did make some substitutions, of course. For added protein, I used edamame instead of the frozen peas. Delish!

I then made the Golden Bowl, which was essentially a stir fry. I was surprised that this was voted as one of the favourite reader recipes from some veg restaurant, but whatever. I found it quite bland (which certainly says something, as I don’t like anything remotely spicy!).

The best recipe from this issue was the vegan Mac and Cheese. I was seeking some comfort food, and oh my god, I found it! Now, I do have to say that it doesn’t taste like mac n’ cheese, which is why I like it. I never liked the taste of cheese so I don’t often seek out anything trying to mimic the taste. But something was telling me to try this recipe. Am I ever glad I did! It was so easy, the sauce was mild, and the leftovers were even good! I made it gluten free by using brown rice pasta too.

Finally, I wanted to offer a little public service announcement. They look nice, but do not make the Roasted Bananas. Two weeks later, I still want to mini-vomit. See, I thought that I would have these delicious crispy bananas in a caramel sauce. Instead, despite following the recipe to a “T” (OK, close to a “T”, I used cinnamon instead of allspice), I ended up with soggy, stringy bananas in a sickeningly sweet sauce. I didn’t help that Kyle split the results between the two of us when the recipe was to serve EIGHT! Regardless, one little banana half was enough to know that this was not good. Ugh...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

At Long Last - A New Post!!!

Wow, it's really been too long! Honestly, I've eaten, but the camera is now used for taking pics of the baby and not food. Besides, I'm lucky if I have a chance to throw something in my mouth never mind take a pic of it :(

But I did make some stuff that I found pics of on my camera...I threw together some roasted sweet potatoes with edamame and green onions, and tossed in a dressing comprised of tamari, seasoned rice vinegar and sesame oil. Delicious!

For a cool treat (and believe me, it's needed right now since there's a humidex of 40 degrees Celsius right now), I rolled a banana in melted chocolate, then rolled it in a bowl of chopped peanuts, then rolled the concoction in press n' seal and stuck it in the freezer. After a few hours, it was like a vegan Drumstick! Sorry for the blurry photo...