Thursday, June 02, 2011

What's a Vegan to Do???

So I whined and complained when I tried going GF for the benefit of Kyson and his food issues. Well, the verdict is in via an allergy test. Kyson is allergic to:

Tree Nuts
Soy (!)
Coconut (so much for my cuppies! And linked palm oil is in everything)
Sunflower (this oil is in EVERYTHING)
Legumes (This includes beans too - yikes...)

Holy crap.

And since I'm nursing, I have to cut these out of my diet too until he weans. I would love to switch to formula now, but they also contain sunflower and coconut oil so that's not an option. Obviously he will have to drink homo milk and eat meat (I had to cook chicken for the first time yesterday...good God this is such a trial for me!). But for my diet, I guess I will have to rely on hemp and seitan. It seems like anything packaged is going to be tricky. And I can't really go raw since that diet seems to rely heavily on nuts. And of all of the things on the list, I can't even have them in the house due to cross contamination issues - it's that serious.


I have to remind myself that things could be a lot worse. I mean, it's not like Kyson has been diagnosed with some grave disease or anything, so I really shouldn't complain. It's just hard to limit these foods - especially for me, when my diet is already quite restrictive.

Just looking for some kind of pep talk I guess. Or any suggestions! I've taken out some books from the library and once I have time to read them with all of his frequent wakings, I hope I will glean some nuggets of helpful info.

Off to go eat a homemade breakfast bar with very limited ingredients...