Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Long weekend, Leftovers and Healing Soup

But Sarah, this *is* an Isa-worshipping site! I want to photoshop her head onto one of those bathtub virgin marys and put her out on the front lawn. Seriously, we love Isa. My copy of VwaV finally came in the mail today. I had to return the library copy last week and was waiting impatiently for the package to arrive. Yippee! Now I can write in it and safely dribble food on it.

Monday night’s dinner consisted of Thanksgiving leftovers from the family feast. Sarah made a seitan loaf and I made our traditional vegan stuffing. Covering both is Sarah’s Brown Gravy, which is really yummy, but doesn’t reheat to the same consistency as fresh. I made vegan coleslaw.

I wish we had taken more photos, as Sarah also made a yummy butternut squash dish, which was consumed rather quickly. And a killer vegan pumpkin pie and vegan vanilla ice cream too.

I started feeling tired Monday night and stayed home from work Tuesday. I don’t know why, but holidays stress me out. I didn’t feel like anything but soup, so Pete and I whipped up a healing soup with mushrooms, onions, carrots, pineapple, shelled edamame and cilantro. Mmmmm.

Tonight I needed a quick healthy dish and wanted to use the leftover mango-ginger tofu that I had marinating in the fridge. Add the tofu and some veggies to a stir-fry pan and top with PC soya ginger sauce. Serve over udon noodles.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that *anything* over soba noodles looks delightful? This in particular certainly does~

Anonymous said...

dang! I meant udon! : )