Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Gentle Lentil

My culinary exploration of the common pulse begins with Shallot Sambar from Mangoes and Curry Leaves.

This was an interesting dish to cook as it used ingredients that I don't normally have in the pantry, such as toovar dal and curry leaves. The spices were roasted whole and then ground to a powder making the dish taste peppery and somewhat smokey. Sambar can be served with basmati rice, or a flatbread such as a dosa.

I made another dish from Mangoes and Curry Leaves - Mountain Dal. It uses mung dal, which is yellow and close to a split pea in texture. It's not a photogenic dish. Mine looked like the photo in the book except I don't have beautiful pottery to showcase it in.

Our last lentil dish is Fusili with Lentil Sauce from Vegan Italiano. The book doesn't state which kind of lentil, so I used brown. It seemed the most Italian to me. I omitted the rosemary because rosemary doesn't soften for me, ever. I don't like pine needles in my food. This dish was super fantastic, not a lot of trouble to make and is a lentil dish attractive enough to photograph, and even serve to guests. Princess liked it, I think because the lentils were hiding amongst the fusili, or "grubs" as she called them.


Harmonia said...

These both look amazing! I'm back bloggin' btw

Happy Weekend!

Caty said...

Yummy, they both look delicious, especially the Shallot Sambar.

Anonymous said...

I had that same problem with rosemary. Then I decided one day to whiz it all up to a fine powder in my magic bullet (you could use a clean coffee or spice grinder as well - or maybe a blender?). Works great!!!! Same great taste but no twigs.

Urban Vegan said...

Lentils are gentle, aren't they? Grubs? Ew. ;) I like rotini much better!