Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Green and Brown

Our raw diet experiment is going extremely very well for us. Although I haven't lost any more pounds to date, I feel fantastic and energized. And I've become addicted to these for breakfast:

It's Green Lemonade. The recipe is from The Raw Food Detox Diet, which I borrowed from the library. I'm still trying to decide if it's worth buying, as it has some really good salad dressing recipes, but some other ideas that are kinda out there for my too-logical mind (colonics anyone? rebounders?). Anyway, to make Green Lemonade, juice a head of romaine lettuce, a few stalks of celery (or any other combination of greens), a lemon (no need to peel), and two apples. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt a Green Smoothie using my regular $20 blender. We're still pondering the really-expensive Vitamix, although most Green Smoothie makers on the internets seem to sing it's praises.

And as far as desserts, we're covered. These are Raw Brownies from Raw Food Talk (Alissa Cohen's discussion board).

They are topped with the MOST AWESOME vegan chocolate pudding ever. And it's raw to boot. I used cocoa powder (I'm still cleaning out the pantry) and only 1/2 cup of regular agave nectar. I made it again, in Chocolate Monkey form.

I would like to say that I made this just for Princess, but no, adults like to play with their food too.

And although I'm not normally one for liberally sprinkling the blog with gratuitous pet photos, I had to show our youngest waiting patiently for a slice of banana.


Veg*Triathlete said...

I used a cheap-o $10 blender for months to make green smoothies. It worked fine -- the trick was to make sure there was always enough liquid (water, or coconut water, or fresh juice) to keep the materials moving. Also, I found that I had to be patient and let the mix blend for a full 45 seconds to a minute to really break down the greens.

Also, with that green lemonade recipe, adding a little knob of ginger gives it a nice little kick (if you like ginger!) :-) I love the martini glass for serving!

bazu said...

That lemonade looks beautiful! I'm glad things are going so well with your raw foods. That brownie is calling my name...mmmm. And the monkey pudding- cute!

springsandwells said...

It's neat to read about your raw food adventures. Unfortunately, raw food doesn't suit my body very well... but the idea does resonate with me. The VitaMix has such allure, doesn't it!? Too bad they are so pricey.

Also, your dog is so beautiful. I'm glad you included that pic. My dog Stevie likes bananas too.

Kati said...

I've read the Raw Food Detox Diet more than once actually, but I never bought it. I agree that it has some good recipes, but once I absorbed all the info, I didn't feel the need to own it.

Your green juice looks fabulous! That would certainly convince me to eat...or rather, drink my greens. That is the first green juice recipe I ever made - for awhile, I was drinking it everyday (using kale instead of romaine), but have kind of gotten out of the habit (shame on me).

Your dog is a beauty! Since I'm only a cat momma, I had no idea our canine friends liked bananas.

Kati said...

P.S. Your brownie looks cooked - I'm amazed!

Mikaela said...

That green goodness martini looks divine :)