Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

Yesterday was the 140th birthdate of our wonderful country, and our family celebrates each year with a feast! Although there are some meat-eaters in attendance, most of the dishes were vegan.

Sarah's contribution was a yummy Black Bean Salad, along with veggie burgers.

She also made her famous guacamole, but that was long gone before the camera came out.

My mom made Hot German Potato Salad (she didn't have any veggie bacon).

She also made a new vegan noodle recipe that she found (I think it is so sweet when carnies look for vegan recipes for their veggie loved ones) that was very good (source unknown to me).

I wanted a light salad, so I googled and made an Asian Cucumber Salad from Kalyn's Kitchen.

It was sweet, spicy and light, and exactly what I was craving. I also made Mango Summer Rolls from VWAV. I used the trick I learned from the Barrhaven Vietnamese Restaurant to keep the rice papers from sticking to each other - pack the rolls in shredded lettuce.

We rounded out the festivities with a stimulating game of Yahtzee and an exhilarating match of Catch Phrase - men vs. women. Guess who won.

I hope all of you Canucks had a super Canada Day!

For some really awesome Canadian trivia, check out the Yarn Harlot's annual Canada Day entry.

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Michelle said...

Hello Tracy and Sarah!
Great blog! I just happened upon it while googling "Sacred Garden restaurant" and your blog popped up! I am salivating over your recipes (and your photos!) I've been a vegetarian for 17 years now but not completely vegan.... always gratifying to know that others are making similar choices! Your link to learn more about the both of you isn't working so I wasn't able to find out too much but I assume you are either in or near Ottawa. I'm about 2 hours away but have 2 daughters living in Ottawa while attending university so I am there as often as possible. Did you know that there's a veg*n MeetUp group in Ottawa....
They meet about once a month but unfortunately their dates have never coincided to times that I've been in town! Always great to meet other veg*ns though!!
Keep up the great blogging!