Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy B-day to Me!

I make my own cake for my b-day. I was going to order more cupcakes for my big day this year (after having tried 5 different kinds from Ash's baptism), but I would only order a dozen this time and they were all so good that I couldn't pick just one kind. So I thought I would try and make a ginger cake with lemon icing based on one of the varieties of those cupcakes.

So I doubled the Gingerbread Cupcakes from VCTOTW, and made 2 layer cakes. Similar to other carrot cake disasters, the damn center caved in.

I posted my issue to the PPK and later figured that the batter must have been too moist and there wasn't enough dry ingredients to soak it all up. I wasn't able to serve that up, especially once iced, since I'm sure it would have turned into a sogfest. So after doubling the recipe, I decided to try the recipe again and use 3/4 cup oil instead of 1 cup, omitted the maple syrup, used 3/4 cup sucanat and used about 1 cup of soymilk, while keeping all of the other ingredients and quantities the same. It turned out great! A tasty cake makes being 30-something not so bad :)

PS - I still haven't forgotten about posting the Turtles recipe...I'm lucky that the baby has stayed asleep this long to allow me to create this post ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sarah! Sorry the cake didn't turn out at first but your second try looks phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!