Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Protein-Packed Pancakes

So for years now, I've made pancakes with the usual ingredients - flour, nondairy milk, baking powder, a little oil - nothing special. Well, the other night was an eye opener.

Went through Dreena Burton's Let Them Eat Vegan and was happy to see two choices of pancakes for my planned pancake supper. The first - Apple Hemp - looked great, but I worried Ash would be upset at the chunks of cooked apple in there. The next option was Whole Grain Chia - looked good but I really wanted to try the hemp! So I did the latter with the added hemp! Delish!

I think next time I might try subbing the chia for hemp entirely - the chia gets gooey after awhile and despite thinning it with milk, the goo was hard for me to cook away. I love adding small amounts of chia to muffins and such but after attempting a chia pudding a few weeks back, I think I have an aversion to too much of it as it gets gooey.

But the thing I'm totally amazed about is why I never thought of adding hemp to pancake batter! Seriously! Just adding 3/4 of a cup adds a whopping 60 grams of protein! Dividing that across a batch of 12 pancakes, basic math skills tell me that adds 5 grams of protein to EACH pancake - that's in addition to the couple of grams from the flour. That's insane! It was especially insane because the kiddos each ate 4 pancakes apiece! I was one happy mama.

Here they are with fruit and my strawberry and raspberry sauces. Yum!

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