Monday, April 01, 2013

Baked Yeasted Vegan Doughnuts

I have owned my donut pans for quite some time. I have excitedly made lots of vegan baked doughnuts, but all definitely on the 'cakey' side. While they were good, they just tasted like a cupcake in a different form. I wanted something that didn't taste like a grocery store donut, but rather like something from Tim Hortons, but vegan, not fried and of course, allergy-safe!

I finally got around to making these:

I subbed in rice milk, used coconut oil instead of shortening, and ground chia instead of flax. The result? A delicious, moist dough. I separated into 12 pieces and pinched tubes into my ungreased pan. I followed the same baking instructions but put two pans in at once on convection (I had two very eager kiddos!). Worked perfectly!

We topped with vanilla and chocolate glazes, allergy-free natural sprinkles, hemp seeds and coconut flakes. Lots of fun for the kids to decorate! Too much fun to eat :)

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Scocasso! said...

Oooh yeah! They look delish!