Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dora's Picnic

Last night I made "Chick'n" Fajitas for dinner using slices of a Soyarie veggie burger and fajita spice that we bought at one of those hostess parties where you feel obligated to buy something.

The strips were sauted with onion and peppers then laid on a tortilla smeared with refried beans and topped with avocado.

After dinner I snuggled in for a bedtime story with Princess and even though we've read this book a thousand times, never remembered this page:

Love the character's name:

And that's where Princess must have got the idea for chocolate cupcakes with pink icing.


Carrie™ said...

Hi Sarah! I followed you from Jess' blog. I'm in Burlington!
I'm glad your carrot cupcakes turned out. Carrot-cake type things are just sooo good! I enjoyed looking back at your cupcake posts. Keep 'em coming!

Sarah said...

I love this Dora book! I can't believe the coincidence!

Tanya said...

that is such a funny coincidence.

Sarah and Tracy I found your blog from your food porn posts on the ppk. I noticed that you're from Nepean. I'm a Barrhavener :)

Your food always looks great!

Sarah said...

We're in Barrhaven too!

Thanks for the compliment!