Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Seven-Year Itch Has Been Scratched!

I used to think that these were an urban legend...vegan marshmallows! I'd never seen them in Ottawa, and they certainly weren't stocked by Whole Foods in the San Francisco area at the beginning of this decade. Finally, after seven years of wanting to find these, I have them! It was such a great early Xmas present to get these!!! I now have to carefully ration these when deciding what recipes to make!

More glimpses of my carrot cake cupcakes...once totally chilled in fridge, everything looks normal and I'm exaggerating about my carrot problems, right?

Well, they are very dense, considering that with icing, they are the same height as a toonie:

Especially, when half of the height is accounted for by the icing:

But regardless, they taste SO good!

Tonight, I was going to make a pasta dish I had planned, but forgot to buy fresh mushrooms, so I made Potato Yam Leek Soup from Extraveganza. It was really good! I was surprised by how flavourful it was, and the dill and sweet potato really stood out. It was also pretty quick to make, despite making cubes out of 6 white potatoes and 1 sweet potato, and cutting up a pile of leeks. Good thing it didn't take long, as tonight is my last night to study for this certification thing I need for my job.

Now I better get back to studying! Well, once America's Next Top Model is over, anyways...

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AmKo said...

Hey, frosting is the reason I eat carrot cake. So rock on!