Thursday, January 04, 2007

Home with the Blahs

Today I'm home from work suffering from what I'm calling "exhaustion". It hurts to get up. I have a headache. I slept all morning. This afternoon, I am lazily browsing cookbooks. The only food that made me feel better was a blackberry-banana smoothie. And I'm craving lentils for dinner.

A while ago I made Seitan Portobello Mushroom Stroganoff from VwaV which I never got around to posting. It was, like all Isa's recipes, fantastic.


madeinalaska said...

Well, here is to hoping those Blahs are short lived!
I think the Seitan stroganoff was one of my all time favorite recipes.. I thought it was very resturant quality stuff.
Take care and Happy New Year.

Sarah said...

I must have screwed up the recipe or something, as it wasn't one of my faves, especially with the work that went into making it.

However, this opinion is from a girl that must soak her vegan grilled cheese sandwiches with pickle juice before eating...

Carrie™ said...

Hi Sarah! I hope you're feeling better. I've had bouts like that and end up just sleeping for hours & hours. Make sure you get rest and good, quality "me" time.
I haven't made the stroganoff yet. I'm not a big mushroom fan. My husband loves them though. I should give this a try and give him all the mushrooms on my plate. Even though you said it wasn't great, the picture says otherwise!