Saturday, December 30, 2006

Beer Bread

I think I saw how someone on the PPK mentioned that they had made the Quick Sundried Tomato Bread from Donna Klein's Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen cookbook. So I thought I would give my bread maker a rest and instead make this quick bread with a bottle of Kyle's beer. Kyle suggested that I use the Bud Light that he bought, given that it was an American cookbook and the lower alcohol might have been more suitable for the recipe, so that's what we did. The author said the bread was done in 45 minutes and she was right! It rose really well, and tasted great with margarine. I'll put in a little salt next time, but that's the only thing I'd change.

In the time it took to make the bread and bake it, Kyle and I took down all of the Xmas decorations :(


Harmonia said...

Lookin' yummy!

Hello and Happy New Year! I'm back bloggin - same place -

Missed your entries while I was away! Hope all is well!

bazu said...

That bread looks really great! I've recently begun loving sun-dried tomatoes.