Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Favourite Salad

I really miss my favourite Lebanese restaurant in Ottawa - Kamal's - as it had the best Fattoush Salad ever. I've tried other places, and found that the dressing isn't that great, or the pita crisps are too greasy. I realize I sound very fussy, but I wish that I could go somewhere to experience such a tasty delight instead of having to make it myself.

Fortunately, to satisfy my cravings for this tangy salad, Vegan Planet's version is pretty darn good. I like how it calls for chickpeas for added protein. Although the recipe doesn't contain 'sumac', which I think is a traditional spice in fattoush, it's nice and garlicky.

Since there's alot of chopping involved due to all of the fresh veggies and fresh herbs, I typically buy the pre-cut romaine salads in a bag.

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