Thursday, November 08, 2007

In search of Genie's ass

I realize I'm the last person on Earth to receive Veganomicon. Well, second last, because Sarah's book will arrive along with mine (someday) in my mailbox, so technically she'll be the last one. I want it. Bad. I thought my VwaV challenge would distract me from how painstakingly slowly anything arrives in the mail, but alas, no. Other Chapters customers who pre-ordered received their copies, but not us. My challenge is kinda anti-climactic at this point, but I'll post the new recipes I've tried anyway. Actually, the hardest part of the challenge isn't making new recipes, but not making the ones I really really love over and over. And I did - Marinated Tofu, The Best Pumpkin Muffins, Big Gigantoid PB Cookies and Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies to name a few.

I'm not a huge breakfast eater, but had to try Banana-Pecan Pancakes, topped with Blueberry Sauce.

Whoever first combined bananas and pecans together was a genius. Or genie-ass, as we like to say around these parts.

Although I've made a lotta chili in my day, I never followed the Chili Sin Carne al Mole recipe to the letter. I didn't this time either, subbing Yves ground round for the seitan and kidney beans and chickpeas for the pinto beans. I loved the flavour though, and this was the first time I had ever added molasses to chili. Genie-ass.

I had to cheat and try a Veganomicon recipe. I've wanted to make the Panko Stuffed Mushrooms ever since I saw the v'con sneak peek. This was taken pre-bake.

On the plate.

Using panko for the breadcrumbs - genie-ass. These were so good - crunchy/salty/soft/savoury. I'm not a big eat-a-mushroom-whole fan and I loved them. The mushrooms were baby portabellas, since I have never seen a "stuffing mushroom" so labelled here.

Last week was my birthday, an event I love to share with family but not the whole world. Pete slaved over a wonderful feast of roasted butternut squash soup, strawberry spinach salad, garlic bread and Tofu Ricotta-stuffed shells. It was so deliciously good that I hardly had room for dessert. But Sarah had made Isa's Sm'love Pie again.

That's the lightnin' fast slice'n'serve gettin' my piece. I wasn't wastin' no time. Of course, they both should realize they've set the bar so high for next year. I'm spoiled. Thanks guys!

From Sarah and my mom and Gord, I received a waffle iron! Of course I had to knock off another VwaV recipe - Pumpkin Waffles (pumpkin has been a recurring theme here, I know). I used whole wheat flour (strangely enough, the same weekend Isa posted about them) so they were pretty hefty and filling. I still need to master the feng shui of the waffle iron. This photo doesn't really do my inexperience justice.

That's really all I've been up to while waiting....patiently...for my veganomicon to ship.


anja said...

I really like the looks of the stuffed mushrooms! I was eyeing that recipe because I have some panko breadcrumbs right now. I can't wait to try it!

Sarah said...

I ate panko? What's that? Whatever it was, it was darn good!!!

Thanks for the reminder that I'll be the last to receive my Vcon copy :(

Tracy said...

Panko are Japanese bread crumbs, consisting of wheat flour, vegetable oil shortening, sugar, salt, and "yeast food". Crunchy little buggers.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! How sweet of Sarah to bake you a pie. Why haven't I tried those stuffed mushrooms yet? They look and sound incredible.

Vegyogini said...

I still haven't received my copy of Veganomicon either! Happy belated birthday. :)