Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vegan MoFo - Day 25

There are times that you think you have a great recipe already, and then you get schooled.

Take, for instance, my vegan French toast: I was completely happy mixing up rice milk, flour, nooch, vanilla and cinnamon. That is, until I tested Dreena Burton's recipe for Cinnamon French Toast from her forthcoming new cookbook. 

I, of course, followed her instructions to make it nut free by using hemp instead of cashews, but her recipe also calls for chia...BRILLIANT! I'm not yet completely sold on the chia pudding thing yet, but it's application in French toast is perfect! The hemp plus chia combo (plus my own toss-in of nooch!) really bumped up the nutritional profile and tasted awesome! And I used my homemade Quinoa-Hemp-Oat Bread (blogged about earlier) so it made this an even more healthy dinner!

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